The thought project start page

SUPER REFLEKTOR is a mobile system for thought-collecting and circulation. A thought-base has is installed for at various public sites to collect and transport thoughts.
The thought-base consists of a folding cabin and a folding table both made of aluminum. Everyone is invited to describe one of her or his thoughts in the cabin. SUPER REFLEKTOR collects the passenger’s thoughts and transports them to the public printed out on posters, postcards, advertisements, at information-screens...
With the project series SUPER REFLEKTOR the artists Axel Becker and Uta Kohrs (reflexion21) realise temporarily at each particular site the utopistic city-rite of a coming, all-embracing net of thought bases.

 the thought-base plans for the thought-base thoughts about thoughts interview with SUPER REFLEKTOR participants and sponsors All collected Reflektor thoughts (in english)